From Virtual Unknown To Viral Achievement - Main Three Good Reasons To Add Video To Website

By Gary Hendrick- research from


Exactly what do BMW, “The Blair Witch Project,” and Obama share in common? Aside from the fact that the whole world is clearly aware of their popularity, what holds these three entities is video marketing. BMW’s short videos got 11 million views on YouTube and even improved its product sales by 12 percent. “The Blair Witch Project” gained $250 million (from their budget of $350,000) making viewers around the globe think that the frightening story of three missing film students was true by using documentary-shot footage and event posts online. Barack Obama’s 2008 advertising campaign benefited greatly from 2,000 YouTube videos and 8.5 million visits to the U.S. president’s web site. What does it all imply for your business? You have to add video to website - today.  


Videos on your website get the consumers’ attention. Many people want to view. They will choose to watch a quick video about a cool product. They will prefer to watch an enjoyable clip about a great new service. Moving images, more than any other type of content, have the ability to entice and persuade a series of actions from your consumers. Whether you’re looking to improve the sales of an old merchandise or perhaps wish to launch some newfangled device that would permanently change people’s lifestyles, the driving idea in internet marketing nowadays is: show it, don’t simply say it.  


Videos on your website are more economical than putting TV spots. Admittedly BMW’s costly short films were easily watched many times simply because Guy Ritchie helmed it and also super stars like Madonna and Clive Owen were on it. Your website’s video clips do not have to use such incredibly appealing beings to sell a product or enhance your brand image. The secret is to use a concept that will work with your market and one that will obtain that Svengali-like spell over your website audiences. Videos with awesome animation, comical dialogue, or even entertaining concepts could possibly work just as well as having well-known celebrities on your own online videos. Ensure that your web video is artistic, educational, and fascinating enough to inspire an action, whether you would like your web visitors to buy a new product or maybe sign-up for email alerts.


Inventive and insightful web videos have the ability to push a huge volume of targeted traffic to your internet site. Professional online video marketing companies can share your well-produced videos to different platforms so that your website is effectively advertised. From social networks to YouTube, your web video can properly spread the word regarding your business.  


So would you want to have the same kind of achievement that BMW, “The Blair Witch Project,” and Obama have-separately, of course-reaped? Make your business’s online video now and you just might be as successful as these three in the near future.

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